4 Staycation Tips That Will Make it Feel Like a Real Holiday

2020 is the year of the staycation. With travel plans being postponed and the health of you and your family a top priority, a staycation is the perfect solution to break away at that cabin fever we’ve all been experiencing. Get ready to relax and unwind without leaving home with our four staycation tips:


Mark the days off 

Especially right now, we all need a break from real life. Look at your staycation as an opportunity to escape everyday stressors and put things on pause for a few days. Make sure you’re ready to unplug from social media and work emails for a few days. Put aside that list of chores for the duration of your staycation. Make an itinerary to help ramp up the anticipation and excitement. Schedule where you’ll go and what you’ll do on your staycation the same as you would a regular vacation. 


Expand your palette

Cook a unique meal inspired by your travel bucket list. Go to that fancy grocery store you don’t visit often and splurge a little on the ingredients (and maybe a nice bottle of wine). When it comes time to eat, don’t hesitate to break out the fancy dishes and eat in the dining room or outside on your deck if the weather permits. Or, avoid cooking and dishes altogether and eat out every night! Try out new restaurants in your area that you’ve never visited before. Get dressed up and go to a fancy steakhouse or hop around from brewery to brewery enjoying great beer and food trucks. 


Get (and stay) out of the house

We’ve all been spending a lot of time cooped up in the house lately, especially now that many of our homes have also become our offices. A staycation is the perfect time to book a long weekend stay at a luxurious hotel or charming Airbnb. Sleeping in and waking up somewhere new can do wonders for your mood. If you do decide to stay home instead, give your house a little freshening up before your vacation starts. Change the sheets, get some fresh flowers, light a few candles, and put away all those daily tasks and chores for a few days.


Experience something new

An essential part of any staycation is exploring your town like a tourist. Even if you’ve lived somewhere for decades, chances are there are new or hidden gems waiting to be discovered! Check out some local stores, farmers markets, museums, historic sites, and state and county parks around you. One great way to discover new places to visit in your area is with Instagram geo-tags. Browse through local posts on social media and see what looks interesting to you! And don’t forget to take your own photos just like any other vacation.

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