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At Thomas Hogan Vacations, we’re not just a travel agency — we’re your passport to unparalleled journeys and unforgettable experiences. 

With a dynamic team of advisors boasting a collective 100 years of industry expertise, our legacy as a premier vacation planner spans over three decades.

Why Work with a Travel Advisor?


Unveiling the Real Journey

In a digital universe teeming with .com search engines promising the world, you might wonder: Why opt for a travel advisor? Well, the answer lies in the magic of personalized journeys, expert insights, and a global network that reaches far beyond your screen. Brace yourself for a voyage through the unrivaled advantages of choosing a travel advisor as your compass.

Crafting Memories Beyond Compare

Sure, the web may dazzle you with deals, but what it can’t replicate is the personalized touch of a seasoned travel advisor. At Thomas Hogan Vacations, we’ve mastered the art of weaving tailor-made experiences that transcend the ordinary. Armed with knowledge, experience, and a passion for your wanderlust, we curate the finest accommodations, the most enchanting routes, and services that redefine travel excellence.

Crafting Your Adventure: Where Personalization Meets Passion

In a world reshaped by the digital revolution, the role of travel advisors once seemed destined to fade into obscurity. But guess what? We’re back, and we’re not just back; we’re here stronger than ever before. Why? Because the yearning for authentic, meaningful travel experiences has resurged, a longing that no algorithm can satisfy. We’re not just a virtual entity; we’re genuine, dedicated professionals who thrive on shaping seamless and unforgettable adventures.

Guidance Beyond Expectations – Powered by Thomas Hogan

Thomas Hogan isn’t just a website; it’s the doorway to transformative journeys. In a virtual realm of enticing offers, what’s often missing is the human connection, the expertise that takes vacations from ordinary to extraordinary. Our advisors don’t just offer discounts; they’re architects of tailored experiences that match your dreams while optimizing your budget.

When the Unexpected Strikes, We Stand By You

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering support when the unexpected happens. Unlike the internet or faceless corporations, our travel advisors are your steadfast allies. Whether it’s a last-minute change, a flight delay, or a hiccup along the way, we’re here to navigate the storm with you. While the online booking sources can seem alluring with their offerings, they fall short in providing the empathy and swift resolution that we, as travel advisors, excel in delivering.

So, why choose a travel advisor? Because we’re not just booking journeys; we’re igniting memories. Step into the world of Thomas Hogan Vacations and let us be the architects of your next extraordinary escapade.

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Thomas Hogan Vacations is the premier travel agency in Myrtle Beach with over 35 years in business, specializing in personalized travel experiences. Thomas Hogan offers travel destinations which includes a Spain & Portugal escapade, a cruise to Alaska, a Northern European cruise, a trip to Rome & Greek Isles, a Panama Canal Cruise, a cruise to the Southern Caribbean and a tour of Northern Italy. Custom vacation packages include roundtrip airfare, lodging & accommodations, dining, transportation and more. Thomas Hogan offers vacation packages for couples, groups or individual travel. Thomas Hogan Vacations is affiliated with Travel Leaders which gives us the best global travel contacts. Thomas Hogan's corporate office is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.