Travel-Inspired Dishes for your Holiday

travel inspired dishes for the holidays

When you ask someone about their travel plans this year, you’re bound to hear, “We’re staying home.” But home can be an adventure, too, if you plan it correctly!

At Thomas Hogan Travel, we know our clients are missing the thrill of the holiday getaway, so we’ve rounded up some travel-inspired dishes from around the world to inspire your holiday meals! Take a tour with your tastebuds:

Thanksgiving Day

We know, we know! You may not want to give up on your traditional turkey & fixins no matter what, but if you are up for an all-day affair with new flavors, paella from Spain is for you! It’s hearty and requires a lot of attention, just like your normal Thanksgiving dishes. But the seafood and spice combines for a new journey for your tastebuds!


Christmas Eve

Greek souvlaki with tzatziki sauce is a perfect nosh for Christmas Eve–and make great leftovers for those night owls in your family. Bonus points if you take the chicken off the skewers and throw into warm pita!


Christmas Morning

The Croque Madame sandwich from France is easy to execute and a crowd-pleaser. It’s an elevated ham, egg and cheese sandwich with a buttery bechamel sauce. We love this recipe from the Food Network.


New Year’s Eve

We love a good fondue from Switzerland and thanks to fondue pots, you can put on a cheesy little party of your own! Toss in some Swiss and Greuyere cheeses and enjoy with your choice of veggies or breads. And if you have a sweet tooth, you can also do chocolate fondue! Bonus points if the chocolate is Swiss.


New Year’s Day

Temaki Sushi is a great way to ~roll~ into the new year! (See what we did there?) Temaki means “hand roll,” and translates to “all the flavor, half the work.” Because you don’t have to compact and slice the rolls, they don’t have to be perfect. And you can put in anything you like! The delicious secret is adding rice vinegar to the white rice as it cools to make it sweet & sticky. We love salmon or tuna, cucumber, avocado, asparagus and rho added, but you can make it yours!

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