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At Thomas Hogan Vacations, we’re not just a travel agency — we’re your passport to unparalleled journeys and unforgettable experiences. With a dynamic team of advisors boasting a collective 100 years of industry expertise, our legacy as a premier vacation planner spans over three decades.

Discover Your Extraordinary Journey

Unveiling the world’s hidden gems is our passion. Diving deeper than guidebooks and online resources, our elite travel advisors curate personalized trip plans that transcend the ordinary. From the moment you join us, you’re welcomed into a realm of exclusive insights, first-hand advice, and insider travel tips. We understand the overwhelm that comes with today’s digital abundance, which is why we’re here to navigate the labyrinth of possibilities for you.

Navigators of Extraordinary Experiences

Beyond being vacation planners, we’re your steadfast advocates. We know that travel can be a complex terrain, fraught with potential pitfalls. Our mission is to be your guiding light, ensuring seamless journeys and unparalleled peace of mind. Detail-oriented and committed to excellence, our team’s dedication to customer service is unwavering.

Connected to the World, Rooted in Myrtle Beach

Our dynamic partnership with Travel Leaders propels us into a realm of unrivaled connections within the global travel landscape. This translates into coveted access to a multitude of handcrafted itineraries and exclusive promotions, all concealed from the average explorer. With strong relationships extending to top-notch suppliers and respected cruise lines, you can rest assured that your ideal vacation is in expert hands.

Crafting Extraordinary Adventures, Tailored Just for You

Coordinating and planning your travel is not just a service we provide; it’s an art we’ve perfected. Whether you’re seeking the allure of exotic adventures, the romance of a secluded getaway, the joy of a family reunion, or the enchantment of a uniquely curated journey, we’re here to weave your dreams into reality. Our expertise, combined with your desires, creates a symphony of experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Join Us on Your Next Chapter

As you embark on your next chapter of exploration, entrust your journey to the experts at Thomas Hogan Vacations. With us, your vacation is not just a trip; it’s a masterpiece waiting to unfold. Let’s embark on this extraordinary journey together.

Building memories... Your next vacation is waiting for you.

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Thomas Hogan Vacations is the premier travel agency in Myrtle Beach with over 35 years in business, specializing in personalized travel experiences. Thomas Hogan offers travel destinations which includes a Spain & Portugal escapade, a cruise to Alaska, a Northern European cruise, a trip to Rome & Greek Isles, a Panama Canal Cruise, a cruise to the Southern Caribbean and a tour of Northern Italy. Custom vacation packages include roundtrip airfare, lodging & accommodations, dining, transportation and more. Thomas Hogan offers vacation packages for couples, groups or individual travel. Thomas Hogan Vacations is affiliated with Travel Leaders which gives us the best global travel contacts. Thomas Hogan's corporate office is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.