Valentine’s Day From Home: 5 Romantic Destinations

This Valentine’s Day is going to look quite different than any others before it. Most of us will likely be at home (or eating outside near heaters). However, there are so many romantic destinations in the world that make us feel the love. We’re sharing our top 5 most romantic destinations with you so that you can be inspired to take a trip (next year) or to simply incorporate a cultural or culinary element into your plans close to home.

5. Aix-en-Provence, France

Yes, Paris is also on this list, but the lavender fields and complex wines of Aix-en-Provence are second to none. Provence is known for its wine, olives, goat cheese farms and honey producers, which sounds like the makings of a perfect romantic dinner.

4. Rome, Italy

There’s nothing we can say about Rome that hasn’t already been said. It’s one of the most amazing cities in the world, complete with art, history, architecture and incredible cuisine. But there is something about a simple, unfussy penne alla vodka and table wine al fresco to make you feel like you are worlds away. So try incorporating that into your evening if your partner loves Italian food! Bonus points if you play “On An Evening in Roma” by Dean Martin.

3. Lanai, Hawaii

Imagine expansive beaches and views of Maui with an ocean breeze running through your hair. That’s what we love about Lanai. To feel like you’re there, try ordering poke bowls for takeout and listen to the musical stylings of Keal’il Reichel, one of Hawaii’s most famous musicians.

2. Napa Valley

If you’re married to a wine lover, consider taking a cue from Napa Valley and hold a wine tasting! You can purchase a variety of California or Oregon wines from most grocers. Cover the labels and write down your tasting notes, as well as your favorites. Then peel off the labels and see what you loved!

1. Paris, France

It’s true. It’s the most romantic city in the world for a reason. Between the fashion, the food, the architecture, and the iconic Parisian attitude, we’d be remise to exclude Paris from the list. For the cuisine, we suggest doing something unexpected, like crepes and croissants (pain au chocolat is a great place to start). Order from a bakery or look up the recipes and try recreating them together!

We sincerely hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day 2021 and find a way to incorporate your love of travel into the evening!

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