Traveling to the Different Islands of Hawaii

Do you have the itch to travel to somewhere exotic, but don’t want to dig out your passport?  You can explore the islands of Hawaii to discover something for everyone.  Check out a few of our favorite islands to help you choose which island is the best fit for you!

The most notable is the Big Island of Hawaii.  For the adventure and geology lovers out there, it’s impossible to not come across the miles of lava covering the island.  If you want to see an active volcano you can check out Kilauea, a volcano that has been continually erupting since 1983!  To keep luck on your side make sure you leave a gift for the Goddess of Volcanoes, Madame Pele.  End your exploration by checking out one of the many beaches.  The Big Island is the least populated of the main islands, so it’s easy to find a secluded spot!       

Kaui is a natural mystery, covered in dense rainforest as well as beautiful scenic features. It is the oldest of the main islands and has maintained all its Hawaiian charms over the years. Find yourself in Hanalei Bay, a beach with waves perfect for surfing beginners. The tall green cliffs allow for the perfect backdrop to catch a sunset every night.  If you are into geology, you can stop by the Makauwahi Cave, which is filled with all kinds of artifacts. Excavators have found everything from pollen, extinct animals, and even evidence of a massive Tsunami. End your trip by chasing waterfalls at Mount Waialeale; with dozens of waterfalls, there’s no way to be bored here! 

Maui is known by many as the world’s best island. Littered with miles of beaches that rival any other Hawaiian island, you don’t have to worry about staying at just one beach!  Maui is known for its farm-to-table cuisine as the island raises and grows all its food, so you know everything you receive is fresh.  When you want to work off all the mouthwatering food, you can check out the different activities offered.  As the birthplace of all popular watersports, there is no shortage of fun to be had.  A snorkeling adventure in the crystal clear waters is a definite must before you head back to the mainland!

Over the years, Oahu has become the hub for all the Hawaiian islands. For the history buffs, you can experience Hawaiian history by visiting the only state residence of past royalty in the United States. The Iolani Palace was once home to Hawaii’s Monarchy and is a showcase of astounding European architecture. Oahu is also home to the historic Pearl harbor. You will quickly be transported back in history to World War 2 as you visit the different sites and museums. Make sure you check out the center of the island, Honolulu. There are restaurants for everyone’s taste buds; we especially love House without a Key! You can find live Hawaiian dancing right by the sea; it is the best place to end the day while watching the beautiful Hawaiian sunset. 

Hawaii is begging to be explored by you; Give us a call today to book your picture-perfect Hawaiian island vacation!

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