Travel to Scotland: More than the backdrop for Outlander

If you’ve just finished binge-watching the Outlander series (or reading the latest addition to the novel series), why not book a trip to where it all takes place? Travel to Scotland is just one transatlantic flight away.

Scotland is small but mighty, with a population of 5.4 million. You will find a passion for everything wild, which translates to the heritage of the locals as well as nature itself. 

When you visit Scotland, you are entering into the land of Scotch Whisky. Scottish Whisky dates back to the 15th century and has continued to be the largest export for the country. The Scots take the production of Whisky very seriously, the requirements to even produce whisky are governed by the law! This spirit can’t be given the official pass off as Whisky until it has aged in Scotland for at least three years, with many aging far longer than that. There are over 130 distilleries where you can taste the offerings yourself, among five whisky regions. The most popular region (and favorite among many travelers) is Speyside. You can book tours to visit the many distillers in the regions, and try your hand at the different versions of whisky there is to offer.

When it comes to activities in Scotland, the most popular is golf! Scotland is known to be the birthplace of the sport, with many of the courses across the country back over 600 years. St. Andrews is a wonderful seaside town that has become one of the most famous golf courses in the world and was where the very first known golf game was held. All over Scotland, you will find courses that range for every level of skill, so even if you’ve never played the game before, you can learn from some of the best!

Visiting Scotland can be like entering into your fairytale. The Scots pride themselves in having wonderful architecture that includes something a little rare, real-life castles. Across the country, you will find castles dating back to medieval times that are still used today. One very famous one may ring a bell once you lay eyes on it. The Craigievar castle appears with a pink-tinted facade, intricately sculpted turrets, and stunning stonework. It is said to have been the inspiration behind Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle. Many English royals have been admirers over the years and even recently. Queen Elizabeth has her Balmoral residence as a neighbor to this beautiful structure and has been known to drop in from time to time to pay a visit. 

We hope this has inspired you to travel to Scotland. And if you’re ready to book a real-life trip to the fairytale-like countryside, give us a call today!

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