Travel Tips To Save On Your Dream Vacation

One of your new year goals might be to travel to a new place or plan a dreamy honeymoon you’ve been putting on the back burner. While we all daydream of being able to drop everything now and travel, it’s rarely possible with all the other responsibilities that come with life.

When life is a constant cycle of to-do lists, it can be hard to find time to plan a vacation, let alone afford it. So, to kick off 2019, we’re sharing tips for cutting travel expenses so you can treat yourself to that getaway you’ve been dreaming about.

Free/Discounts on Attractions:

Many museums offer free entry days, discounts for military, or reduced admission for a particular weekday. For example, London has an abundance of museums that are free, such as The British Museum or Natural History Museum. In fact, certain banks, such as Bank of America, offers customers free admission to select museums if you just show your credit or debit card upon entry. Be sure to do your research and see what discounts are available to you before your trip begins!

Avoid Bank Fees:

If you’ve ever traveled to a foreign country, you will know that ATM withdraws can charge a fee of up to $10! That’s $10 that could be put towards a memorable lunch at a delightful local cafe. Instead of wasting money on fees, consider getting a credit or airline card that doesn’t charge fees on travel, or even gets you points towards future trips. Just be sure to pay off those transactions by the month’s end to avoid interest accumulation!

Turn off Your Phone Service:

After all, aren’t you taking a vacation to unwind and disconnect from work and other stress? Not only will you feel more relaxed, but you’ll also find that you’ll save from not having to pay international data fees. Insider Tip: If you really want to take a few moments to talk to your family back home or post travel pictures online, consider buying a local SIM card to avoid hefty international fees that can be upwards of $45 for 4.5 GB of data. You can also download some wifi based messenger apps to stay in touch with loved ones while connected to hotel internet!

Plan Accordingly:

Do your research on holiday dates in the country or city you’re planning on visiting and book your trip around them. For example, plan your trip between the mad tourist season and the emptiness of the low season to experience moderate foot traffic at a modest price. Often times, prices are low in the less busy seasons and many attractions offer steep discounts. You’ll be surprised by how much you can save by simply planning a trip a few weeks after peak season ends.

Eat On The Streets:

Literally! Most often, the tourist-packed restaurants are expensive and offer equal quality food to the meals being served from street cart vendors. Most countries offer prepared meals for only a couple of dollars. Ask the hotel staff and locals where the best places to eat are, and you’ll be able to find a meal for equally great quality as in a high-end restaurant, and get to experience more culture and sights while you walk and eat!

Consider Buying a Priority Boarding Pass:

Contrary to popular belief, priority passes don’t solely grant early boarding and skipping long security lines at the airport. In addition, lounge areas offer free food and WiFi and sometimes free alcohol! If you aren’t departing from or arriving in an airport that accepts the Priority Pass, you’ll be compensated a credit towards a restaurant or amenity. So either way, you’ll be getting a discount in some shape or form! In fact, priority passes come complimentary with many major credit card companies. And, you can often take your travel companions with you for free. If you’re travel savvy, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Book with a travel agency:

Not only does booking with a travel agency take away the stress of planning a vacation, but it is also cost effective. Whether you’re traveling with a group or going on a private vacation, travel agents are able to monitor deals and price drops, providing you with the best overall cost. So sit back and relax! You don’t have to compare hotel prices or determine which attractions are the most worthy of your time with a travel agency who will go above and beyond for you.

If you’re on a budget but still want to experience the joys of travel, consider these tips to save you money on your trip. No more putting off that vacation you’ve been dreaming of for the past few years! Try out some of these cost-cutting travel tips for your next vacation!

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