Travel Keepsakes: DIY Ideas

When you are traveling and having an amazing experience, you are taking dozens of photographs, buying little trinkets, and keeping tickets. However, once you get home, these once extremely valuable items often become crumpled piles of clutter. Here are some travel keepsakes DIY ideas to keep those memories out of a box.

Before you go, prepare a journal to keep track of your experiences. We love this idea from Kelly Rowe:


The best part of this journal is that you can work on it while you are traveling. You can keep receipts and tickets creating the journal as you go, making for a fun book of memories when you get home. This is much more appealing than boxes of recipes and tickets and photos that you have forgotten where they came for by the time you get to sorting through it.

Another idea is to plan to get travel keepsakes you can use around the house. Need a new teapot or kitchen towels? How about a knife that was handmade in Alaska that you can use every day:


Instead of going to the store, make a list of things you need around the house and see if you can pick them up while traveling. This way when using everyday things you can be reminded of your fun trip.

Already have several items from your travels with keepsakes from past trips filling boxes in storage or cluttering your kitchen table? Try a cubby organizer to display your favorite items:


Still have more stuff than you know what to do with? Keep some of your memorabilia in organized storage containers. Every few months rotate out what is on display and what is in storage. The can be great for seasonal decorations and gives you the opportunity to reminisce every time you decorate.

Now the last question is, what to do with all those pictures? With digital photography, it is easy to take hundreds of photos. You may end up with thousands of photos saved on a digital card that you only look at once or twice. Find a few of your favorite photos and order a canvas print!


Websites such as Easy Canvas Print or Shutterfly will print your picture on hundreds of products. Remember that amazing view out your window in Italy? New favorite coffee mug!

Do you have any ideas or example of what you have done with your travel memorabilia? Share it with us on our Facebook page! Are you more the DIY type? Check out these projects from our affiliate Outside Agent Link!

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