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Are you tired of the same travel recommendations? Then you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up a few of the trending destinations so all you have to do is give us a call to book your next vacation! From quaint cottage life to bustling outdoor exploration, we have everything to inspire you with your next travel plans!

Menton, France 

Menton is the best-kept secret in France! This lovely city is located right along the border of France and Italy, allowing for the perfect marriage of everything French and Italian! Menton is graced with a microclimate that differentiates the city from the other villages along the Cote d’Azur. You’ll find that there are more sunny days in Menton than in any other place in France! In the mid-1800s Menton became a popular destination among Russian and English aristocrats due to the pleasant climate, which led to the aristocrats building stunning mansions, palaces, and luxury hotels that still stand today. Every year, Menton celebrates its citrus harvest with a 15-day and night festival from mid to late February with an event called Fete du Citron. You can expect daily and nightly parades with decorated floats in, you guessed it, citrus fruits! In Menton, you can also enjoy gourmet cuisine beside the sea at every meal! You can look forward to authentic Italian and French flavors 

The Cotswolds, England 

Leave the big city living behind when you visit the Cotswolds in England! The Cotswolds are a stretch of 113 towns and villages offering all the countryside charm! You can have the local experience and stay at a locally run bed & breakfast. The most popular is the Porch House, a bed & breakfast that holds the oldest pub in England! The original beams were carbon dated back to 947, but not to worry, the building and amenities were renovated to fit with more modern times. A popular town to visit is Stow-on-the-Wold, a market town founded in 1107. Back in the day, the town was the epicenter of the wool industry in England, but today you’ll find the town full of boutique shops, tea houses, and pubs. Make sure you visit Saint Edward’s Church and its rear door. The door is rumored to be a source of inspiration from The Lord of the Rings. Thanks to the many farms and pastures covering the countryside, you can count on fresh and local food, and this is the best place to try all the traditional English Bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, and fish and chips! 

Tromso, Norway

It’s time to grab your cold weather gear and plan a getaway to the Arctic! Tromso, Norway, offers the best Arctic adventure showcasing Norway’s nature and culture. Tromso has a population of 72,000 and is the northernmost city in the world. Tromso has one of the highest probabilities of experiencing the northern lights. This is thanks to its location at the very center of the northern lights oval. Tromso is a rarity for Norway. The city is located along the coast, which helps create a mild climate for the more northern cities. Tromso is also a part of a phenomenon called the Midnight Sun. From May 20th to July 20th, the typical nighttime darkness disappears! You can look forward to constant sunshine and become a local when you participate in various activities at all hours of the day. You’ll find late-night concerts, marathons, kayaking, sailing, and hiking with the added sunshine. Make sure you bring your sleeping mask when you do decide to catch some shut-eye!

Bregenz, Austria 

Bregenz, Austria, is the perfect combination of lake and mountain living for a city. On one side of this city, you’ll find Lake Constance which borders three different countries. There are ferries that run across the lake every day, making it possible to visit all three countries in one day! On the other side of Bregenz, you’ll find Pfander mountain, a more serene view of the natural life found in the region. You can visit the summit of Pfander aboard a Pfanderbahn cable car to see the incredible views of Lake Constance and the Swiss and German towns around Bregenz! Just off the shore of Lake Promenade, you’ll see what looks like a floating structure. This venue is used for concerts, productions, and festivals! The most popular event is held in the Bregenz Festival, which is held each July and August and is one of Europe’s most popular festivals! The festival first began in 1946, so it also holds the title of being the oldest in Europe! Bregenz Festival features opera singers, major musicians, and famous institutions like the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. 

Cuenca, Spain 

A trip to the magical city of Cuenca is an adventure you won’t forget! This city is lined with cobblestone lanes, old mansions, and other historic sights. The Hanging Houses are a popular attraction and UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cuenca. The Hanging Houses earned their name from their precarious position on the cliff overlooking the Hussar River. The entire cliff once was lined with many hanging houses, but now only three remain. In the early 20th century, the homes that remained were restored to their former glory and are still popular tourist attractions today! If you are more into fossil history, then you are in luck! Cuenca is home to a museum with over 34,000 fossil items! The Paleontological Museum of Cuenca has an extensive collection of fossils, which were all collected from the Castilla- La Mancha region. These finds date back 255 million to 550 million years ago, including popular pieces like the dinosaurs and other long-extinct animals like the saber tooth tiger. There’s even a popular photo opportunity outside the museum with an accurate replica (and largest in the collection) of a dinosaur and other reptiles in their Paleontological Park. While you’re there, make sure you try one of the popular Spanish and Ecuadorian dishes as you explore the city. The dishes are infused with flavors found in Mediterranean culture and local ingredients prepared with more European cooking techniques. A popular dish is Mote Pillo, which is corn that has been dried and rehydrated in an alkaline solution. This popular side dish and snack food is found throughout the local provinces, making it easy to get your hands on when you visit!

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