Tips to Make Your Next Cruise Vacation the Best Ever

The ocean air, the beautiful sights, the extravagant meals and abundant entertainment. What’s not to love about a cruise vacation? There’s no doubt people look forward to heading out on their favorite cruise line for a week or so of pampering and relaxation, but what if it could be even better? Here are some tips to make those days spent cruising on the seas truly feel like paradise on earth:

Pack a carry on for first day essentials

On most cruise lines, your bags will be delivered to your room for you by the employees. However, what if you need a jacket or want to brush your teeth and your bags aren’t delivered yet? Throw together a bag of those essential items you might want in those first hours on the boat and carry it onboard with you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for small upgrades

Cruise lines almost always have amenities that they will offer you for free if you simply ask. From extra blankets, towels and premium pillows are often available to those who request them. Off-menu food and drink options might be obtained if you ask politely.

Bring your own sunscreen and headache medicine

Sunburn and hangovers are a real thing on cruises. These two essentials will make your vacation much more comfortable but will cost you a pretty penny if you wait to buy the onboard. Stop by the neighborhood drugstore beforehand so your stocked up once your vacation starts.

Don’t expect to be able to connect to the internet

True, many cruise lines advertise wifi onboard. However, you shouldn’t expect it to be a high-speed, reliable connection that will let you stream Netflix and Skype with friends. Even using wifi to send a message on your smartphone may be tricky, so if you want to be able to keep in touch with family members onboard, use walkie-talkies instead.

Get a ride to the port

Spending money to park your car at the port for the duration of your cruise is not at the top of anyone’s list. Instead of paying the exorbitant parking fees at the ship’s dock, get an uber from your house or ask a friend to drop you off. It’ll be one less expense to stress about while you enjoy your vacation.

Make reservations before the cruise begins

Whether it’s for a day at the spa or an evening of fine dining, make your reservations for your cruise early. Once everyone is onboard, tables and times get booked quickly. However, many cruise lines will let you call and book your reservations months in advance.

Pack some hand sanitizer

While cruises have plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation, they also offer plenty of germs being passed around between passengers. Avoid spending the last few days of your cruise vacation sick in your cabin by regularly using hand sanitizer, especially before meals.

Don’t have a cruise planned on the horizon? We’ve got quite a few coming up that we’d love for you to join us on. Check out our upcoming trips here!



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