The Perfect Kid-Friendly Roadtrip Bag

kids in car for roadtrip

Roadtrip and kids might sound like a bad mix, but every year, parents load up the children into the Tahoe and venture out. But we’ve got a great secret: the kid-friendly roadtrip bag. Here are a few things you can put in each kid’s bag that will keep them occupied (and not fighting):

Non-perishable snacks

Keep your kids happy with some non-perishable, non-sugary snacks (to avoid the crash later). Some ideas: granola bar, fruit chews and a small bottle of water. If you want to make your “bag” a cooler, then feel free to add carrots or celery!

Coloring book and crayons

To avoid any fights, make sure that everyone has the same amount and colors of crayons!

Charger for their favorite device

If your kid is crazy in love with your iPhone or iPad, be sure to pack the car charger. If you’re really savvy, you can grab an iPhone case that gives you an additional full charge!

Car-friendly games

For older children, consider packing scrabble, Boggle or another board game that is easy to play on a surface in the car. You can always create your own, too! Kids too competitive? Try some simple games of Eye Spy or the License Plate Game.

Change of clothes

If you’re in for a long haul, give each child a change of comfortable clothes. A change is not only a good idea in case of spills, but your child can get fussy if he or she is uncomfortable (too hot, too cold). Don’t dress them in anything new – even if they are headed to grandma’s. Choose something worn in and fits well.

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