The Best Time of Year To Cruise the Caribbean (and Why)

While you may naturally associate the Caribbean with the summer months, winter is actually the best time to dive into the Caribbean waters. December-April are the optimal months to take a cruise if you want to get the full island experience, which we know you do! Read on for the top 4 reasons why cruising during the cooler months is the best way to go:

The Best Weather:

The Caribbean experiences its fair share of rain showers from May-late November, so you’ll want to avoid planning a trip during these months if possible. From December-April, you can expect an abundance of sunshine, clear skies, and just the right amount of tropical breeze. Not to mention, hurricane season runs from June-November, which can throw a wrench in your vacation plans. 

Lower Cost:

Since most families take advantage of the summer months to vacation in the Caribbean, the price is typically on the high end. The trick to planning a cruise in the winter months is that it can coincide with holidays. With the exception of holiday weekends, those winter months are often far cheaper both in terms of travel expenses and lodging. And, if you’re planning on cruising during your Caribbean vacation, nearly all of our cruise offerings take place outside of the holiday timeframe!

Fewer Crowds:

As we alluded to earlier in this post, many families take advantage of the summer months when school is out to take a vacation. If you plan on taking a cruise during the months when children are in school, you’ll most likely dodge the high traffic that can typically be found on a cruise ship during the summer. You’ll be able to enjoy everything the Caribbean has to offer without the sweltering crowds.

A Winter Escape:

As you may have guessed, may travelers, including ourselves, long for warm island weather in the heart of winter. Us southerners can soak up the summer sun all season long at home, and then set sail for the warm Caribbean once those colder winter months roll around back home. It’s a great way to fight off those winter blues, too

Thinking about the Caribbean for your next winter vacation? Lucky for you, all our Caribbean cruises fall right in the heart of those colder winter months back home! Start planning your tropical winter getaway now!

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