Most Romantic Getaways 2017

There are few things more romantic than a trip for two with your sweetie. Some consider February the month of love with Valentine’s day right in the middle. If you have the notion for a romantic getaway, there are several great places to travel this year! Here are our top 5 recommendations for romantic getaways this year:


  1. Telluride

Recently quoted from a New York Times article: “Telluride isn’t just a ski area; it’s a way of life.” We couldn’t agree more. This beautiful town in the Colorado mountains is well known for its skiing and small town charm. Located in a canyon surrounded by 13,000 and 14,000-foot peaks, the scenery is breathtaking.

(Image: Visit Telluride)

  1. Napa Valley

With beautiful weather and rivers, Napa Valley is a romantic place to visit any time of year. Sipping wine while taking a casual stroll in a garden is a great way to spend a vacation. There are several California glamorous Bed & Breakfasts that will be the perfect detail to your vacation.

(Image: Visit Napa Valley)

  1. Vico Equense, Italy

What says romance better than an Italian trip for two? Vico Equense is a traditional, coastal Italian city. The dramatic cliffs and deep blues of the ocean are the perfect backdrops to a nice vacation. With nice hotels starting at under a hundred a night, this is an affordable way to travel internationally.

(Image: Google Photos)

  1. New Zealand

Thinking of something more adventurous? New Zealand is a spectacular destination for all variety of interests. From hiking the historic Whanganui River to shopping in Christchurch, exploring the mountainous coastline of The Coromandel to wining and dining in Marlborough there is an opportunity for a romantic experience for everyone.

(Image: Visit New Zealand)

  1. Savannah

For a pleasant trip a little closer to home, Savannah is the romantic destination you need, complete with traditional southern charm. You can tour the art museum in the historic district, have a relaxing afternoon tee time or spa appointment and finish each day with some of Georgia’s finest cuisine.


Any more you would add to this list of romantic getaways? If you are inspired to travel with a trip for two give us a call, 843-626-9998 we would love to help you plan it!

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