Pandemic Could Spur More Personalized Travel

At Thomas Hogan Travel, we’re not just about taking trips to places near and far. We want to guide you through these new states and countries with unparalleled service and expertise. We craft experiences for our clients based on their interests and desired schedule.

Do you want to lounge in a beach chair for a week?

Or would you rather go cliff diving and cave exploring?

Do you want to explore historic sites and museums?

Or would you rather ride through the countryside on a vineyard tour?

When you work with us, we won’t just send you to the most popular places on Google. We know when it’s best to stay in the city to see ancient architecture and when it’s best to travel off the beaten path to get a local’s experience.

Without question, the pandemic has caused so many effects for the travel business. But it hasn’t all been bad. Many of our clients, who are itching to hop on a plane, are expressing the desire for more personalized and intimate travel experiences.

It’s not just about being with fewer people, but also about having more meaningful connection to the place they’re visiting.

As travel agents with over 25 years of experience, we are thrilled to welcome the challenge. And if this sounds exactly like you’re feeling, we promise that we will deliver more than you’d ever hoped.

So as you dream of your next destination, connect with us! The places we recommend are not just from some list we purchased. We’ve been there, have clients who have been there, and we can recommend anything from excursions to culinary experiences to guided tours, and even what kind of footwear to bring.

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