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We spend months looking forward to an exotic vacation or tropical cruise but often wait to pack until the last minute. However, in that rush of day before packing we can forget to throw in the much-needed items that make traveling easier and more bearable. Make sure you’ve got everything you need for your next trip with our round-up of five must-have travel essentials:

A comfortable outfit:

Kenzo Takada once said, “Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” There’s a time and place for dressing to the nines but riding on an airplane or car is not it! Your first priority should be to make sure you’re comfortable sitting in a particular outfit for a few hours or even a full day. After all, if you’re glamorous but uncomfortable sitting in tight pants, what’s the point? Consider a casual tee, elasticated shorts or pants, and comfortable shoes for getting around the airport or catching a taxi.

Your Favorite Snacks:

What would a trip be without a selection of your favorite snacks? Whether you’re taking a guided land tour and traveling by air, you will want to toss in a few satisfying eats for the trip ahead. No one wants to pay for overpriced airport food or stop every hour to pick up snacks during a road trip. So pack a picnic of easy to eat bites to take with you on your next trip. Our favorites include dried fruit and nuts, chickpeas, veggies with hummus, and protein bars.

A rockin’ playlist:

The truth is that riding in a car or flying on a plane for a few hours isn’t exactly everyone’s top choice. Make the journey more enjoyable by creating a playlist with your favorite tunes. Mix it up and include old classics, new favorites, and those songs you’ve heard about but haven’t gotten around to listening to yet. It can become the soundtrack to your vacation, full of songs that will take you back to the beach whenever you hear them.

Keep the germs away:

It’s old news that germs are present in airports and around large crowds of people. While you may religiously wash your hands, not everyone does. That bin you touched to put your belongings in at the airport checkpoint? Who knows what Joe Blow had in his hands before grabbing it. Carry some hand sanitizer and wet wipes with you on travel days. Also, don’t forget to clean your phone with a sanitizing wipe each night. You’d be surprised how many germs your iPhone can pick up over the course of a day traveling!

The little things:

This may go without saying, but packing a bag with your wallet, passport, credit cards, and any valuables is super important. Keep everything essential in a small, easy to manage bag you can keep with you. Aside from the obvious (cash, ID, boarding pass, etc), don’t forget other nonessential essentials such as a change of shoes, a light jacket, headache medicine, chapstick, concealer, hand lotion, and headphones!

What are the travel essentials that you never leave for vacation without? Share your favorites with us on Facebook!

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