Lesser-Known Tourist Destinations in Popular Cities Around the World

From the Louvre to Sky Tree, many people are familiar with the most popular tourist destinations in cities around the world. However, many times to best memories during travel aren’t made at the well-known stops, but the more unique destinations. If you’ve got a trip on the calendar to see any of these major cities around the world, don’t forget to stop by these lesser-known tourist destinations during your travels:

Camley Street Natural Park, Kings Cross in London

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Camley Street Natural Park is an urban nature reserve right in the heart of bustling London. The 2 acres of land contain wetlands, a meadow and woodland as homes for wildlife. Families can also participate in nature-watching sessions and learn about the local environment.

Clos Montmartre Vineyards in Paris

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Clos Montmartre is a tiny, beautiful vineyard hidden right in Paris. The land held vineyards since before the 12th century, but the renovated Clos Montmartre was opened in 1933. Guests can tour the vineyard in groups and taste some of the unique wines.

El Bosque Encantado in Madrid

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El Bosque Encantado is a unique take on a city botanical garden located in Madrid, Spain. Spanish for “the enchanted forest,” the grounds are full of over 300 plant sculptures, form dragons to musicians to carriages. Come stroll around the grounds or sit down for a picnic lunch.

Takao Beer Mount outside Tokyo

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Escape the crowds in Tokyo and climb Mount Takao for a cold beer and a stunning view. Takao Beer Mount allows all-you-can-eat-and-drink treats on top of one of Tokyo’s nearby mountains. While dining, guests are treated to unbeatable views of Tokyo and Yokohama cities. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to hike the mountain, you can take the cable car up to the top.

Villa Borghese in Rome

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Villa Borghese is the third largest park in Rome and contains enough buildings, museums and attractions for a full morning of exploration. Guests can visit the Exposition’s Zoo, see a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and even see some famous paintings housed in the many villas.

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