Go Abroad for Thanksgiving 2021: Our Top 4 Destinations

Thanksgiving is a time spent with loved ones at the start of the holiday season, so why not take that time to explore somewhere new? Venturing abroad for Thanksgiving is an amazing way to spend the holiday and is becoming increasingly popular for Americans. With it being the off-season in other countries, you can ensure cheaper costs! With that in mind, we have rounded up a few places that would be a great place to give thanks! 

If you still want to hold on to warmer weather, the Canary Islands in Spain are the place for you. 

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and has the largest English-speaking population.  During November, the weather is not like the scorching temperatures that you find in the summer. Instead, you can work on your tan without breaking a sweat!  November is the off-season, so you will be surrounded by mostly locals and will be able to find great deals on travel! After a long day on the beach, you can visit Tiede national park, known for being the world’s premier stargazing site! With rare, unpolluted skies, it is possible to see as many as 83 of the 88 constellations all year round. 

To all chocolate fans, we have the best vacation for you! If you want to eat the best of the best when it comes to chocolate, Bruges Belgium is the place.

You will feel like you are being transported back in time as soon as you step foot in this town.  Cobbled streets, a horse-drawn cart, and gothic architecture will have you reminding yourself you are not in the medieval period! The architecture of Bruges is beautiful to see, like the brightly colored buildings dotting every street. November is the perfect time to visit this European City, as you will be right at the start of the Christmas season. In the center of the City, you will find yourself in what feels like a real-life Christmas movie! The buildings transform into real-life gingerbread houses, and you will find a gift for everyone on your list in the Christmas markets! You can’t leave without having an authentic Belgian waffle, especially one that the locals recommend. Chez Albert looks like a hole in the wall, but you will easily be able to smell your way to it. The only difficulty you may face is choosing if you want yours topped with strawberries, Belgian chocolate, or whipped cream! 

If you are contemplating a beach vacation with tropical flavor when you travel abroad for Thanksgiving, Costa Rica will make the best destination.

You will find fewer crowds, with the bonus of being at the end of the rainy season. Take a ziplining journey through the treetops to see the rainforests that cover the country. During your exploration, you can see six active volcanoes; and even over 60 dormant ones! Over 30% of Costa Rica is dedicated to national parks, where you can see all kinds of wildlife. For the adventurous, Costa Rica is known as the white water capital of the world. The rivers all over the country offer every skill level so anyone can enjoy this activity. If you are more interested in calmer activities, you will want to explore the tranquil rivers on foot. Make sure you start every morning with a cup of Costa Rican coffee.  With volcanic soil and high altitude, the perfect environment exists for some of the best coffee beans you will want to bring back with you!

Do you want to skip over fall and go full-fledged into a winter wonderland? Sweden is the best place to experience that!

During this time of the year, every inch is covered in snow, creating more unique ways to explore the landscape! You can go husky sledding or take the more traditional route of reindeer herding to get around as the locals do. You will also have a chance to see the Northern Lights during this time of year. Take a trip to the village of Abisko, which is home to the Aurora Sky Station, an observation center located on a mountain that will get you the best view of this beautiful spectacle. You can cool down even further if you visit the Ice Hotel and their famous ice bar. The hotel is made of ice and is rebuilt every year in November and December. Thanksgiving is the best time to see the hotel at its best and a memorable way to experience Sweden!     

No matter where you go this Thanksgiving holiday, we know you will create lasting memories. Now is the time to get your trip booked so you can relax and not have to worry about how to cook the turkey!

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