Foodie Destinations: How to Eat your way through your Vacation

For foodies, travel can be an exciting expansion of the palette and a predominant reason to take the sky or sea. We have compiled a list of our favorite destinations that are perfect for eating your way through! 

Naples, Italy

Italy is very well known for being the pasta capital of the world but, pizza comes as a close second for Italian staples for any foodie to try. The City of Naples lays claim to the creation of Pizzas, dating back to 600 B.C. Naples was home to a larger population of working-class groups who wanted inexpensive foods to consume quickly.

To solve both of those issues, the creation of Pizzas and flatbreads happened to combine everything in one dish! Even today, Naples is one of the best foodie destinations because it has kept their food at the purest of forms and continued selling inexpensively when possible. The most popular pizza is the Margherita, rumored to have been created for Queen Margherita of Savoy. It is impossible to find a bad pizza in Naples, Chefs travel from all over the world to learn the strict rules it takes to create the original pie. 

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is known as a hub for late-night bars and clubs.  However, that is only the Southern half of the island. Take a trek further towards the center and you will find quite the opposite lifestyle. In the ’60s and ’70s, the hippie population started to take over and completely changed the dynamic. This rural area is home to local farms that supply all the restaurants and markets with foods organically grown on the island. The food served is mainly Spanish and Mediterranean influenced, making it easy to find someone for everyone! Many local hotels have started to gravitate away from the party scene in favor of the more relaxing, resort-like atmosphere offering restaurants. You can find the food cooked (and fully explained) right in front of you, really emphasizing the farm-to-table theme! 

Paris, France

When thinking about foodie destinations, it is impossible to avoid the City of Love. On the streets of Paris, you will find world-renowned pavement cafes, which don’t exist to grab a quick bite! These pavement cafes are ingrained in Parisian culture; a leisurely morning stroll will lead you here to meet with friends or grab a cup of coffee before work. In the afternoon you will find many eating or drinking while people watching or reading a book. The point of these pavement cafes is to experience the world around you; Parisian culture boasts a slower pace of life which they emulate. You can start every morning with a quick walk down to the local boulangerie, grab fresh bread and baked goods for your breakfast. You can’t forget to leave Paris without tasting a classic Parisian dessert and breakfast all in one! The Nutella-filled crepe is a staple in the french diet; you can find them in food stalls all over the city no matter what time of day it is!  

We hope these have inspired (or made you hungry) for your next destination! Some consider the best way to experience a country is by tasting the local foods and delicacies, so be prepared to fully immerse yourself in this new world!

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