Escape to Turin, Italy – An Unexpected Italian Gem

Are you thinking about traveling to Italy? Book a trip to the Italian hidden gem, Turin! Turin is off the beaten path, located at the bottom of the Italian Alps. Turin is often referred to as the Paris of Italy, with the addition of breathtaking mountain views, historical architecture, and grand boulevards. As expert vacation planners, we have rounded up our top four  reasons you need to add Turin to your bucket list today!

Top 4 Reasons to Add Turin to Your Italian Itinerary

1. Fine Chocolate

Many cities and countries are known for their chocolate, but Turin is the pioneer of mixing decadent milk chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts. This process is called Gianduja and dates back to Napolean era times. Cocoa from South America was difficult to obtain due to the Napoleon war with Spain, so Chocolatiers were forced to stretch the little amounts of cocoa they did have and found that the local Hazelnuts mixed very well. Today, a walk through the streets of Turin will showcase all of the local chocolatiers and their different flavors and techniques. You can even drink your chocolate in the popular concoction, Bicerin. Bicerin is a chocolate and coffee lover’s dream, a mixture of espresso, milk, and chocolate all in one delicious drink.   

2. Aperitivo

Turin has many traditions, but none more popular with locals and tourists than the Aperitivo. The Aperitivo is a pre-meal ritual of whetting one’s appetite with an alcoholic drink and eating small plates of food. The Aperitivo dates back to 1786 when distiller, Antonio Benedetto Carpano, introduced a drink previously used for medicinal purposes, Vermouth. Vermouth is a fortified wine with flavors of roots, barks, seeds, herbs, and spices. Today, this popular Turin drink has inspired other dry alcoholic beverages, with restaurants and bars serving something to nibble with the pre-dinner drink ritual. One of the most popular places to partake in your Aperitivo is Tre Galli. Tre Galli opened over 20 years ago in the center of the city. You’ll find small streets with historic buildings, shopping, bars, and restaurants. There are even still some Roman structure refinements!

3. Rich History

Turin is a city full of European history. The history begins with the area controlled by the Celtic people, the Taurini, where the eventual name originated. The city represented the border between the Gaulish and Roman empires, with remnants of Roman structures still existing today. In the sixteenth century, Turin became the capital city of the Savoy dynasty. The grandeur of which can be seen with the Baroque and Neoclassical architectural design in the buildings still seen today. Turin also lays claim to the largest collection of Egyptian treasures outside of Cairo. The Museo Egizio holds over 30,000 Egyptian artifacts on display. Today the museum is a hub for scientific research of both scientists and scholars from many institutions across the world. 

4. Car Manufacturing

Calling all car fanatics! Just south of the city center, you’ll find the heart of the Turin automobile industry. Turin is often regarded as the automobile capital of Italy, thanks to the Fiat company (founded in 1899). You can even book a stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Turin Lingotto. A hotel located in the 800,000-square-foot FIAT factory, previously in operation until 1982. This factory put Turin on the map in the automobile industry and has kept the history with the design in homage to the FIAT’s aesthetic. A fun feature of this hotel is the rooftop test track that guests can explore for themselves. The test track was even featured in a popular American thriller, The Italian Job.

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