Celebrate International Tourism Day!

After spending a year inside, people are ready to travel now more than ever. If you’re looking for a reason we have one, International Tourism Day is on September 27th so why not use that as an excuse to travel somewhere new!? September is the end of summer here in the United States but it’s a great time to travel internationally. We have rounded up our top three destinations to enjoy the beginning of fall and we have a little something for everyone!

Mexico City is a capital that is filled to the brim with rich culture with every step you take. The end of September is the best time to visit, as it is the end of the dreary rainy season with perfect cooler temperatures on the way! The art scene has been growing for years with galleries and stunning architecture galore. Or, if you want to find the art on your own, you can just walk outside and find stunning street art all over the city. Mexico City is also known for having some of the best street food in the world. A simple walk down the street can find you sampling every kind of taco known to man; who wouldn’t love that!?

Croatia in the early fall is a hidden gem that is begging to be discovered. With temperatures still in the mid-70s, you will want to be outside every chance you get. The high season will have already ended so you can travel around with ease. We recommend you spend most of your time in The Dalmation Islands. They are known not for the famous spotted dogs, but the immaculate beaches and stunning turquoise water! Consisting of five main islands, each is filled with completely different attractions than the last. The large island of Brač is made of fascinating historical findings, including what makes up the island itself! Their biggest export is the white stone that built the White House and so many other historical buildings all over the world. You can adventure and relax on the beaches all in one day on any of these islands, making for an ideal vacation. 

Summer in the Maldives is actually not the best time to visit. With the monsoon season drowning out any good weather days, the end of September is the ideal time to go! With the Maldives, you can live a dream of relaxation and seclusion. You can choose to stay in an over-the-water bungalow, where there are uninterrupted views of the water and all the breathtaking marine life around you. There’s no hassle in getting to the water; it’s just a quick jump off your very own porch! If you are more of a beach enthusiast, you can also stay in one of the luxurious hotel rooms. You will find your private beach right out your back door, offering the quiet we have all craved on the beach! 

By booking with Thomas Hogan Vacations international travel will be a breeze! You just pick the destination and we can do the rest. Give us a call today to book the ultimate trip to kickstart your fall season!  


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