6 Tips for Taking Photos When Traveling the World

After months of planning and anticipation, it is finally time to go on the big trip! It is going to be a blast, and you don’t want to miss the perfect moment in your photos. But you don’t want to experience the trip through a camera lens, then have thousands of photos you’ll never go through when you get home. Here are some tips to capture those memories while still having a great travel experience:

Travel Photography

  1. Take your camera with you everywhere

Find a bag that is comfortable to wear that your camera will fit in and be protected. This can double as a purse or wallet, but make sure it is not too heavy. Then take it with you everywhere, even if you think there won’t be anything to take pictures of. Trust us; there always is.

  1. Know your equipment

Have a big enough memory card for your photos and have a good battery with a backup or two. Know how many photos you can take in a day, how long the battery will last, and be sure to charge your batteries every night and upload your photos to a backup disk. This way you can start fresh every day.

  1. Consider the climate

What will people be wearing and when will people be most active? If you are not used to the climate, a bunch of photos of sweaty or shivering people is likely not what you want. However, weather can be a bonus if the crowds thin during hot or cold part of the day, which means shorter lines for you and fewer random people in the background of your photos!

  1. Timing and lighting

When traveling to popular locations, think about getting up early and taking some shots before and during people’s arrival. About an hour around sunrise and before sunset are the “Golden Hours” which do fantastic things for skin tones on camera and for taking great photos.

  1. Look for more than the easy “postcard” shot

Yes, having pictures of the popular building or feature with everyone in front of it saying “Cheese!” are nice to have for an “I was there” photo. But these aren’t always the most compelling. Look around for the interesting shot that isn’t on the travel brochure. For example, someone having coffee with the building in the background. This also gives you time to enjoy the feature up close.

  1. Just shoot!

Don’t spend so much time setting up to get the “great shot” that you miss the activity or a great story from your walking guide. Be flexible, not obsessive. Sometimes the photos in between the “perfect moments” are the perfect moments.

Remember: the most important objective is to have fun! And don’t forget to share your favorite snaps with us on the Thomas Hogan Travel Facebook page!

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