5 Reasons To Cruise Into Your Next Vacation

Let’s just go ahead and state the obvious: cruising is the best way to travel. But, why? While we may be a bit biased, we have a few reasons that just might push you into taking that Caribbean cruise you’ve been dreaming of for a while.

  1. Planning

    Planning, or lack of planning, is such a bonus. Cruise lines take care of your itinerary, meals, time frame, and everything in between. In fact, most cruise lines allow you to choose spa treatments, excursions and dining options in continuum with the cruise itself. All you have to do is sit back and relax. Easy enough, right?

  2. Packing

    You only have to pack and unpack one time. Can we get a hallelujah? For those of us who haven’t learned to pack light, or who simply cannot be caught off guard in the event of an unforeseen rainstorm, this is such a treat. Unlike traveling to various cities and potentially staying at multiple hotels, a cruise allows you to unpack your suitcase once, and your room follows you around. Nice!

  3. People

    While some of us are at the extreme end of the introvert and extrovert spectrum, most of us enjoy meeting new people from different cultures who often introduce us to less common destinations phenomenal cuisine. In addition to mingling with natives, the people on the cruise ship itself can be just as interesting. After all, you both clearly enjoy traveling, so ask what places they’ve been to. Chances are you’ll add another destination to your bucket list!

  4. Plentiful

    Cruises offer seemingly endless dining options! When you break down the cost, most cruise lines offer room, board, entertainment and transportation for a couple hundred dollars a day. To that end, cruise ships are adorned with upscale buffets, opportunities to order seconds, fresh fruit infused cocktails and the list goes on and on! You name it, they most likely have it!

  5. Price

    As we hinted at before, the upfront cost of a cruise is essentially the bulk of the price. While the total cost can seem initially daunting, think of all the expenses you incur on a trip you plan yourself. Think of it this way: food is prepaid and you can have as much variety as you like, whereas restaurants charge you per plate which quickly ads up as we all know. If you’ve ever added the cost of a trip (hotel, transportation, food, attractions, etc.) you already have a good idea of how expensive traveling alone can be. Bite the bullet and opt for a relaxing, pre-planned, prepaid cruise. You won’t regret it!

The saying goes something like this: You have to decide which is more important: your time or the price. The comfort of knowing your itinerary is planned and set is relieving. After all, isn’t the point of a vacation to relax and not fret about unforeseen problems?

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