5 Must-See Cafes in New Orleans

Are you joining our 12-Night Mardi Gras/Mexico Cruise in February 2021? If so, you’ll want to check out one, or maybe all, of these cafes while you’re in New Orleans! We’ve done the research for you and rounded up the 5 most iconic and tasty cafes in the city. Take a read: 

Cafe Beignet

With four locations in New Orleans, Cafe Beignet is undoubtedly a hot spot for locals and visitors alike. In fact, their motto is “A New Orleans Tradition.” Here, you’ll find a large selection of omelets and quality espresso for breakfast and cajun specialties such as seafood platters and gourmet sandwiches for lunch. Let us not forget to mention that Cafe Beignet is well-known for their beignets, a must-try English pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar. Put this french-style cafe on the top of your list! In fact, if you’re into live entertainment, Cafe Beignet offers live music most evenings! 

Cafe Envie

Envie will make you completely envious of its airy, vintage interior featuring a tasty selection of pastries and handcrafted espressos. Whether you’re a full on carnivore, vegetarian, and/or gluten-free diner, Cafe Envie has your back. Breakfast options include creative wraps, omelets, and mouthwatering french toast sticks served with a side of fruit. Lunch includes an innovative selection of burgers and paninis, hummus platters, and more. The talented staff at Cafe Envie can create the perfect beverage and meal based on your taste and preferences! 

French Truck Coffee

Hello modern interior! As soon as you step into French Truck Coffee, you’ll notice the sleek, bright yellow interior in an airy space. This incredible coffee shop doesn’t stop at that though. They roast all their coffee in-house and offer fresh pastries as well as sandwiches and avocado toast at select locations. If you’re so smitten with their coffee, you can purchase a bag to take home with you! 


Located in the Lower Garden District, Hivolt is the place to find the best of the best. Here you’ll find a modern interior where espresso shots are top-notch, baked goods are served fresh daily, and wifi is readily available. Hivolt does not disappoint in terms of catering to all dietary needs. Vegan options go well beyond a basic salad and include vegan cashew “cheese” toast, buddha bowls, and broccoli curry salad with avocado. Other meal options include loaded omelets, craft sandwiches, and even a no-carb option (Phys. Ed.: protein and veggies!). You’ll find yourself flocking to this innovative cafe just as soon as you set foot in New Orleans. 

Spitfire Coffee

Just looking for some coffee? Here’s a gentle nod to Spitfire Coffee, a hip coffee shop featuring quality ground coffee from other local coffee shops including Crema in Nashville and Onyx in Arkansas. We love the local small businesses supporting the like! For the simple coffee goers, Spitfire offers pour-over coffee, tea, and cold brews. Coffee snob? Spitfire will craft elevated espresso drinks and signature lattes. If you’re looking for an elegantly created pick-me-up, Spitfire has you covered! 

Which of these cafes are you most excited to visit while you’re in New Orleans? If you haven’t already, take a look at the trip itinerary and familiarize yourself with the schedule.

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