3 Ways to Travel with a Zen Mindset

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A true vacation is supposed to be a time of respite, or a break. A break from what, do you ask? We mean a break from everyday life, which comes with responsibilities and stress! Planning a trip can be delightful as you dream of your destination and all the fun that awaits your arrival. However, you may be missing the point of a vacation if you bring your life’s cares with you. You’ll waste your money if you go on a trip and stress about what you’re leaving behind simultaneously. We can help! Here are 3 ways to leisurely travel, secure your trip, and leave your cares behind.

Leave Work at Work

You know the routine: You go to work, come home, and it’s as if you never left work. The same can happen while you’re on vacation. Are you one of those folks who brings their work laptop on vacation? Are you worried about missing an email or a deadline while you sip a cocktail? You are not alone. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Data from the 2018 American Time Use survey indicates that 30% of full-time employees report working on weekends and holidays, and even when people officially have time off.” That is not a favorable statistic. It means 3 out of 10 people never actually leave work! What will happen to your vacation plans if you are one of the three? Leave work at work where it belongs. Don’t bring thoughts of deadlines and responsibilities on vacation with you. Trust us, they will be waiting for you when you get back! Why not enjoy the time you set aside for yourself and your family to relax? If your brain does not have an opportunity to shut off, you may jeopardize your work productivity. Taking time to get away and unwind is actually good for your professional life. According to the Harvard Business Review, your motivation to work may be tied to what you do during your time off! As counterintuitive as that sounds, it makes sense. If you don’t take time to engage in activities that you find interesting and enjoyable, you might enjoy work less. So, for future vacations, don’t let work get in the way of your fun. Enjoy your time away from it all! Travel protection may also help in case work becomes an issue for your vacation. For instance, if certain work-related issues affect your trip, you may recover non-refundable trip expenses covered under your plan.

Make Sure the Kids are All Right

If you have children, you may already know that vacationing without them can be stressful. Those who do not have children may disagree. However, it is true. In order to go on vacation, parents have to make sure their children are caught up with school before they leave. They have to make sure their kids have a way to get to their weekly extra-curricular activities. They also must find a reliable—and reasonably priced—babysitter. Phew! That’s a lot. It almost makes more sense to take them on vacation with you and save the bother. Preplanning is key for parents who just want to get away. Start making plans for your kids once you know when and where you want to go. Ask family members and friends if they would be willing to watch the kids. Familiarize yourself with their activity calendars to make sure you won’t miss any big events. Also, make sure they have a feasible way of getting to said activities. You may also want to consider getting a travel protection plan. There are family-friendly benefits, in case the unexpected happens before or after your departure. For example, let’s say your child’s school year unexpectantly extends into your vacation dates. You may be eligible for reimbursement of non-refundable trip costs if you are unable to go on your vacation. * The money you recoup may be used for a future trip.

Dream a Little

Your vacation can be whatever you want it to be. Are you looking for adventure, romance, or something in between? Is there a place you’ve been wanting to go, but haven’t yet? Do you have a vacation bucket list? You have enough motivation to take a care-free vacation if you said “Yes” to any of those questions. The trick is to plan your vacation in just the right way to ensure you leave your cares behind. You already know to leave work at work and pre-plan for the kids. Here’s the fun part. You can dream up your ideal trip. Figure out where you want to go, for how long, and what you plan to do! Believe it or not, planning your trip is when the fun begins. Do you want to stay at a bed & breakfast? If so, you may be in for some of the best mimosas you’ve ever tasted! Would you like a beach vacation? You could look forward to sand sliding between your toes as you stroll along the shore with a loved one. It may all be within your reach. Get creative and plan out the trip of your dreams. Adding a protection plan to your trip may be a way to help it be as leisurely as possible. The benefits may help you get reimbursed for financial losses due to travel delays, baggage issues, missed cruise connections and more! The better you plan for your dream vacation, the higher the chances that it will be a great one.  Happy travels!

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