How To: Pack for a Winter Cruise

Cruising to a tropical island means sun-drenched beaches and flip-flops all the time, right? Not quite. While your destination may be warm, the cruise journey may be quite unpredictable out at sea. Chilly night breezes, sprinkles of rain and dramatic temperature changes out at sea are always a possibility, no matter what your destination! Read our guide on how to adequately pack for your upcoming cruise so you can get to each port in comfort:

On the Water:

Out at sea, the breeze can be quite chilling, regardless of the time of year. With that said, make sure to pack a pair of jeans and dress in moderate layers rather than opting for a single tank top. As mentioned before, you may very likely encounter misting rain or splashes of salt water on the cruise ship, so make sure you pack a waterproof rain jacket in your suitcase to avoid getting wet!

In the Evening:

When the sun sets, the night air accompanied by the sea breeze can make the climate feel remarkably cooler. While sundresses and dress pants may be the go-to dinner attire for a cruise, opting for layers like a cardigan or sports coat will keep you warm while you can still flaunt your tan in your favorite outfit. So while you’re packing for your cruise, be sure to throw in a pair of pants and a few layering sweaters so you aren’t caught off guard by cooler evening temperatures.

Formal Evenings:

Sure, throwing on layers may be simple for casual daytime activities, but how about when it comes to formal night time attire? Thankfully cruises aren’t as formal as they once were, so showing up in a sports jacket (men) or a delicate cocktail dress (ladies) will suffice! Ladies, you can pack a sophisticated coat to pair with your dress to keep you warm while not detracting from your upscale look. Men, many cruise lines offer formal cruise wear rentals if you’re looking for an elevated suit to wear throughout the more formal evenings and don’t have room in your luggage for your go-to suit.

Holiday Events:

Many cruise lines set sail during the holidays, making it necessary for you to select a festive outfit that is trendy yet warm. Special shows and events on holiday cruises may call for slightly upscale outfits. For these types of occasions, prepare by taking two different outfits, one for a warmer evening and one for a cooler evening, so you’re prepared no matter what the weather brings. For example, women, your two options may consist of A) A vibrant maroon dress, dainty jewelry, and black stilettos, and B) Dress pants, a blouse, and the same black stilettos to minimize packing. Men, your two outfits may consist of A) A casual pair of shorts, a short-sleeve collared shirt and nice loafers, and B) Long dress pants, a long sleeve dress shirt, and a sports jacket. (Have you noticed how much we mention a sports jacket? Make sure to bring one for any and all occasions!)

So while you’re sitting here perusing this blog, make sure to write a packing list for your upcoming winter cruise that includes vital layer pieces and items that minimize your packing. After all, having an overpacked suitcase can be the worst! Essentially, make sure you have both casual and formal layering wardrobe pieces, cozy socks and pants, and a trusty rain jacket. While your destination will likely be warm and sunny, the journey may not always be! Let us plan your next holiday cruise today! Check out our upcoming Caribbean cruises here.

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