10 Places Americans Want to Travel Post-Pandemic

If you’re itching to go on a trip, you’re not alone. With vaccination roll-outs happening across the globe, we’re excited to dream about hopping on a plane, train or cruise ship again soon.

According to Travel Pulse, these are the top 10 places people want to visit post-pandemic:

10. Iceland

The picture perfect capital city of Reykjavík, with its Northern Lights views, is definitely tip top on our list!

9. The Bahamas

No one can resist the idea of being on a tropical beach with a pina colada in hand these days. The Bahamas are not only affordable, the plane ride is not long at all from the East Coast!

8. Costa Rica

Want to get a taste of “pura vida”? Costa Rica is for you! We recommend staying beach-side and jungle-side since there is so much this country has to offer. Mid-December through April is dry season and the best time to visit!

7. Aruba

The Beach Boys knew what they were singing about! In Aruba, you can enjoy ATV rides through the country’s North Coast, cliff diving, scuba, snorkeling, and more. It’s perfect for the adventurous traveler.

6. Greece

Between the endless beauty of Santorini and the astounding historical sites like The Acropolis, it’s no wonder so many people are researching when and how to travel to Greece after the pandemic.

5. Jamaica

Jamaica established what it calls “resilient corridors” in order to continue hosting visitors throughout the pandemic. About 80% of tourist attractions and activities are now open and the little island’s tourism is slowly inching up.

4. Japan

If you’re craving a cultural shift after being in and out of quarantine for a year, there’s no place like Japan. From the ancient art, to sumo wrestling matches, to shopping in the fashion district of Harajuku, or in Shibuya, Tokyo’s “Times Square,” there is much to do on the small island!

3. The Maldives

Though some people are dreaming of vacations fairly close to home, many people are dreaming of casting away to this South Asia destination. With the expansive ocean views and lush accommodations, we can see why.

2. Mexico

The cities that are mostly garnering tourist attention are Cancun, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. We’re experts in these cities, so give us a call if this is your preferred spot to perch post-pandemic!

1. Puerto Rico

As a commonwealth of the U.S., traveling to Puerto Rico does not require a passport. But you will still feel very much away from home in the gorgeous capital city of San Juan, or adventuring through the El Yunque tropical rainforest.

So – tell us… where would you like to travel post-pandemic?

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